Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One month ago today

Spring is coming -

Two days hard labor in the garden
Indoors chillier than out
Walked outside coatless, I was comfortable
Took my son outside as is, he was comfortable
Basal rosettes of goldenrod and bristly aster, green and robust
Blue jays have left the feeder, the little birds stay on
Red-winged blackbirds at the feeder
Raven overhead!
Flocks of blackbirds, Canada geese, and snow geese
Mud, mud, mud
Return of the greenhouse - sprouting arugula, carrots, beets, chard, parsley
Cilantro holds on nicely, no wonder it is never around for salsa time - it's a cold season crop
The window is open


  1. Rachel, so beautifully written, American haiku

    the wondrous blend of human birth and birth/rebirth of the rest of nature - may he always be part of nature, part of the saving and blessing of nature, as are his parents