Sunday, March 17, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes

Skunk cabbage's fowahs are yed

My son can't yet pronounce 'r' or 'l'. The combination 'st' is also difficult. There's the colors "puh-pah," "boo," "yed," and "yeh-whoa." There's a host of words that I can't yet interpret, but mostly we understand what Beren is saying.

"Stack" sounds like "dack."

"Stick" sounds like...

"Block" sounds like "bock."

"Clock" sounds like... At a party featuring all adults but one other child, he surprised a room full of young, unmarried men and women by shouting "Cock! Cock! Cock! Cock!" No rooster in sight, eyebrows were raised until I agreed, "Yes, that's a clock on the wall."

Early on, he got the 'x' sound, but then lost it and replaced it with a 'k' sound. It made the word "fox" sound like... Luckily, the 'x' sound is back.

Oh, and is favorite food is "taw-kit". Can you guess what that is?

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  1. chocolate?? way to go beren :) my brother had the same way of speaking when he was learning to talk(he had trouble with s, l, and r)...he was getting really mad once when no one could understand " there's a cwoaah in tout's yauud!" (there's a squirrel in stewart's yard)