Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank you, sorry

"I'm sorry, I don't have any butter," Beren told Jared and I while we played "restaurant" this morning. 

I wrinkled my eyebrows and mouthed "sorry?" to Jared. Indeed, Beren had used the word sorry for the first time and done so perfectly.


In the evening, Jared and my bed became tiger's house. Three sleeping bags were arranged at the foot of the bed. One became a set of rotten steps that then went into the bonfire (my suggestion) that could be lit from inside the house with a Kung fu belt (Beren's idea). 

Then, Beren was serving food to animals. "This is the thank you," Beren said as he arranged his golden eagle puppet atop a sleeping bag. "This is the thank you for eating dinner." I could only guess what he meant by "thank you", if he thought it was one word or two, or what he thought he was saying in the scant times he's thanked me or anyone in his four years.


Overheard Beren telling Jared that a block building they were erecting was "awesome". Jared told Beren he had a college friend named "Asim", more or less pronounced "awesome".


"Momma, isn't it crazy that the cap broke off that bottle?" Beren said while in the tub.


All these new awesome, crazy words. They are integrated into language that we've been working on (thank you) or not really working on (sorry), and I'm realizing again and again that words don't have the same meaning from person to person, nor do they have instanteous meaning to a young person just because I've been saying them for the past 4 decades (thank you, sorry) or 2 and a half decades (awesome, crazy) colloquially. 

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