Thursday, December 29, 2016

Epic Bedtime

Bedtime always epic in our house. The only time bedtime has not been epic was when my son was sick for a week with a fever recently. For about three nights he passed out, on his own, on the couch at about 6:30 p.m. Otherwise, it is epic.

Tonight, we went out for dinner and returned home at about 7:30 which is typically when bedtime begins. Instead of going straight upstairs, we read 3 short books - Jamberry, Dream Snow, and The Snowy Day - beside the wood stove. 

We took an apple and water upstairs. We brushed teeth, etc. Lights out. While Beren munched on an apple, I told an imaginary story about an eclipse (thanks, Debbie, for cluing me in to August 21, 2017).

In the dim light created by our neighbor's Christmas lights, I noticed Beren working at his teeth. "Something stuck in there?" I asked. No answer as he probed his mouth. "Would you like a toothpick?" He got the food out.

Two stories from when Beren was little, back scratching, "favorite cuddle"... I drifted off as Beren breathing deepened. I woke with his arms and legs over my arms and legs. He was asleep.

I made a move to get out of bed. From the depths of the comforter: "Momma, what are you doing?" "Moving a little bit." "Me, too." Then he was out.

Friday, December 16, 2016

We wish a whatever kind of Christmas gets you through this singalong to the cookies for kids and adult time for the parents, at least the parents with older kids

After 10 pm. One piece of firewood on the rack. Damn.

Kid is asleep.

We went to a year end sing along at Beren's school. Many songs about celebrating the solstice, peace, and a couple about the holidays. Enjoyable for me. Grumpy for Beren. 

Last year, we had been crowded into his small schoolroom. After just a few songs, the noise and heat made Beren slump to my feet. He covered his ears with my hands. One spirited boy grabbed the performer's puppet and throttled it as she tried to sing and manuever it. Jared and I hid our laughing and kept that amusing memory for the following 365 days.

 This year, we met at a nearby church where larger school functions are held. Beren was lured from the back of the crowd to the front by the performer's small, quiet set of panpipes. The rest of the show was cheerful, loud, clapping, etc.

 Beren happily performs silent theater and dances at home with background music piped in. However, much music aimed at children is "stupid" in his six year old opinion. He's a rather discerning and vocally critical audience member. This is one reason why I look doubtfully at people who ask if I have considered sending him to a Waldorf school. Hell, maybe he would love Eurhythmy.

Beren grumped around in my lap, telling me to "make faces like this" (he made grimaces) rather than to sing. Nevertheless, I was going to ride this out, because I wanted to socialize with other parents afterwards. A few songs from the end, I began to sing softly into Beren's ear along with the music. I admit that I sang "we wish you a poopy Christmas and a stinky new year." And the like. It worked. Beren's grump subsided and got to sing, though very, very quietly. I wonder if  he will remember to tell his friends about my lyrics. Ah!

Despite my wonderfully poopy parenting, no one brought in more wood. 

Secret Acrobats Festival

seekurt atterbatics festibul

I love to hear these pronunciations.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Market Analysis

"I sell very high quality things at my tractor store but no one is buying anything. I think people don't understand high quality," Beren tells Jared and me.